Jerry Lyshkov  - USCG-lic.  Captain  &  Owner


Refit the "Iguana" in Culebra 2007 as a sailing/fishing boat


   I grew up in Miami & I've been on the water all my life. I've been fishing off sailboats since 1998 when I refit a Seidelmann 30T in Florida. People used to laugh until the price of fuel started climbing. I moved to Culebra in 2004 & have been charter fishing these waters since then, first with a powerboat, then the "Iguana". I work with an assortment of highly experienced sailors & fisherman as Firstmate (really more like co-captains) to ensure you a safe & interesting trip.

  I recently returned from Aitutaki, Cook Islands. I bought a 40' Catamaran in Tahiti and sailed 800 miles west where I will be setting up a similar operation next year.

Your  Trip


It's up to you, anything you want, from sunrise to sunset, depending on the weather & sea conditions.


   Sail out on your adventure!! Prices are more reasonable than most charters because I'm not burning fuel!!

"Iguana" can sail with up to 4 people (6 max.) + 2 crew.


   Deep-sea fishing, inshore, offshore and/or out to the drop (the PR trench), bottom fishing. All Penn rod & reels, tackle, bait, ice, etc. supplied.


   Snorkeling trips to Culebrita, Cayo Luis Pena, Playas Carlos Rosario, Tamarindo, Melones and/or Punto Soldado. Trips to Vieques or the Virgin Islands.


   I will work with you. We can partner up with other water taxis or with Bill Pennfield on the "Pez Vela" for larger groups. Lunch and drinks can be arranged.


Call 1-786-382-5275 or email for prices and availability

The "iguana"


A Jeanneau Sunrise 34' Sloop


The boat got it's name by the guys working in the boatyard when I painted her green. She is a fast and very sea-worthy vessel. She is well balanced and points into the wind extremely well, kind of like a fine thoroughbred or sports car. I added an aft-deck for fishing, built an insulated fishbox, a live-baitwell, outriggers and much more. This is my second fishing sailboat, so I've fine tuned the system so I can run up to 5 lines without tangling. It's much more of an adventure than sitting on a big twin diesel sportfisher, not quite as comfortable but I think it's a lot more fun!



The Last Virgin Island


Truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You can still find deserted beaches, live reefs & fish in the sea. Kind of like the Robinson Crusoe experience with civilization just around the corner! The best way to see it all is by boat where uninhabited offshore islands await. I think the best boat to go on is a sailboat, no engine noise or exhaust fumes. It's a good thing you found somebody who has one of those wind-powered machines!! Contact me today to schedule your Journey!!



Jerry: 1-786-382-5275